A Woman’s Fight for Survival

Every snakebite is tragic but there are cases that affect me so deeply, it’s physically painful.

Imagine this: an elderly lady who is paralyzed from the neck down, only has the slightest movement in her hands and feet. She is lying on her bed and it is just before 9pm.

She sees a Mozambique spitting cobra enter her room. Petrified she calls out hoping her neighbors will hear her. She watches as the snake investigates her room, it seems to be hunting for food.

Then the snake moves towards her bed. She continues to call for help but nobody comes. The snake climbs onto her bed.

In a desperate attempt to scare the snake away, she wiggles her toes. The snake bites her. She screams but nobody hears her so she tries harder to scare the snake away. It bites her a second time. With all her might she tries to push the snake away, it bites her for the third time.

She spends the entire night in agony, terrified and alone.

Help only comes the next morning but her ordeal is not over. She doesn’t have the E200 for the transport. They call the ambulance but it never arrives. She only gets to the hospital after 3 days.

The hospital had antivenom but it was much too late, the damage was done.

Her wound is finally beginning to heal, but she has undergone numerous operations and is too afraid to fall asleep.

It’s difficult to even begin to comprehend what this poor women has been through. It just breaks my heart.