Mozambique Spitting Cobra

The Mozambique spitting cobra is found throughout Swaziland. They are extremely common, and responsible for the majority of serious envenomations in Swaziland. As many as 250 problematic Mozambique spitting cobras can be removed in a single summer season. They are incredibly confident and inquisitive, and will not hesitate to enter a dwelling in the search for food or comfort. Once inside a house they will investigate every corner, climb onto beds and into cupboards without fear. The most common victims are those sleeping, no matter if the victim is sleeping on a bed or mat. The snake will often bite, even when not threatened.

The Mozambique spitting cobra is a medium length snake, averaging 1.2m – 1.5m, very rarely growing larger 1.6 m.

The colour is light to dark grey. The skin between the scales is black, giving it a fish-net stocking appearance on the dorsal (top) side. The ventral is light orange to with from one to three irregular black bands on the throat. Although it becomes more active at night, it is also often found during the day.

Venom: Cytotoxic and possible neurotoxic symptoms in young children.